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Title: Maybe it’s not so awkward after all.
Pairing: Takato
Genre: Fluff
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Nope.
Summary: Takaki just can’t stand silence.
A/N: hfghf THIS PAIRING NEEDS MORE LOVE. Still on hiatus.

Takaki pouted and crossed his arms across his chest like the little child he was inside.Collapse )
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12 May 2010 @ 09:14 pm
Okanoo, because they're sexy.
Also, check out and write for the Okanoo-thon :D

Banner done by: pulangpagong
10 May 2010 @ 10:41 pm
Title: Sweet and Tender Hooligan
Pairing: Yamada x everyone
Genre: Friendship to romance
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Nope.
Summary: 10 short drabbles featuring Yamada and every JUMP member.
A/N: Stress release. Thanks hotfruits for helping me fix it :) HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, YAMA-CHAN! :D

And he swore he'll never, never do it again.Collapse )
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08 May 2010 @ 08:50 am
I want to rant, but I don't feel up to it.

I know I've been posting these types of memes lately, but do them for me?
I know, I know, it seems like I'm desperate for love.


Tell me what you really think.

the ___ to my ___ meme
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03 May 2010 @ 06:53 pm
Title: Notice
Pairing: Akamepikoki
Beta: daisy_took
Genre: Crack, fluff
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Nope.
Summary: Jin and Koki are fighting for Kame’s attention but Pi totally knocked them out with the least effort.
A/N: Requested by lanheart. I hope its good enough!

The sound of two people bickering was heard yet again as Kame entered the KAT-TUN dressing room. It was only eight in the morning and his head throbbed harder as the noise got louder.Collapse )
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