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[One-shot] Strawberry Pocky

Title: Strawberry Pocky
Pairing: YamaMoto [Yamada Ryosuke x Morimoto Ryutaro], ninja! YabuHika.
Genre: Crack (at least I tried xD)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: They belong to each other and Chinen.
Summary: Yamada and Ryutaro learn to never interrupt with Yabu’s beauty sleep. Especially Yamada.
A/N: Why doesn’t anybody write them? They’re so adorable together. It was supposed to be a drabble, but somehow, it turned into a one-shot? I FAIL AT CRACK. T__T







“No, it’s mine!”




Yamada and Ryutaro were having their usual banter. But this time, it wasn’t about who got to sleep on the top bunk or who got Chinen to sit on their lap, no, it was because…of the last box of strawberry pocky.


“Uh, guys. I think you better stop fighting. There something dark over there.” Hikaru pointed to the door entrance. And indeed, there was a dark…something. None of them could see who it was, with the only light coming from the tiny windows.


“It’s a beast!” Yamada exclaimed.


“It’s an ogre!”


“It’s a bear!”


“It’s a FROG!”


“It’s a- eh, Ryu-chan, why a frog?”


“Well, frogs are scary.”


“But a frog can’t be that big.”


“Oh, you don’t know anything. Once, I watched this cartoon-”




It wasn’t a beast, ogre, bear or frog. But it was something worse. It was something all of them feared the most.


It was…a ferocious Yabumama.


“YABUMAMA!” they both gasped.


Yabu was huffing and puffing and could blow the whole place down anytime. Ryo and Ryu went up to him immediately, scattering. Both of them kneeled down to their knees and started flailing their arms like they were praying to the mother of the group.


“We’re sorry. We don’t know what we did but we’re really sorry. Please forgive us.”


“Oh, you two will be sorry. You interrupted my beauty sleep. The only sleep that I will probably get! Don’t you two know how to share?!”


“WE’RE SORRY! You can punish us anyway you want.”


That was the wrong thing to say as Yabu’s eyes glimmered with wickedness and a smirk painted across his face.




They were still on their knees, but now, their backs were straight up and they were holding onto each other.




“If I die, you can have that last box of pocky. And the others that are stashed under my bed.”


“Thanks. Yama-chan?”




“If I die, don’t eat my hamsters.”


“BAKA! Say something more productive!”


“Oh, sorry. If I die, give Shintaro all my stuff. Especially the Nintendo DS.”


That earned him a hard smack on the head.


“You’re supposed to say something about me! Haven’t you watched any of those dramas? Do it right!”


“That hurt! Okay, okay, fine. Geez. If I die, you…can have the-,” Ryu sighed, “Nintendo DS.”


“What was with that sigh? You were hesitating weren’t you?”


“Oh my goodness! You two really can never keep quiet!”


The two squeaked at the sudden raise of voice. They didn’t realize that their whole exchange was done in front of Yabu. Immediately, their mouths were closed shut.


“Now that’s better isn’t it?” Yabu eyes shined in that creepy way again. “Hikaru?”


Yaotome, who’s been sitting back with amusement watching the whole thing, rose from his sit and stood beside his boyfriend.




“You know what to do,” Yabu sneered.


Hikaru held out is hands and wiggled his fingers, with Kota copying the same act. The duo, who were still kneeling, understood what was going on.


“Oh no…”


“…not the”


“TICKLE FINGERS!” they said at once.


They got up in a flash and started running around the room, with YabuHika following behind them.


The couple had succeeded, pinning them to floor and started to tickle them but it somehow, ended up with Yabu tickling Hikaru, then kissing, then clothes being ripped off, then…


“OMG, I think I’d rather go through with the tickle fingers than watch this. It’s disgusting. Ryu-chan, c’mon let’s go.”

Yamada stopped walking when he didn’t hear footsteps behind him. He dared to look back and saw Ryu sitting in front of the couple: watching with a fascinated face.






“How can you watch them?! It’s horrifying!”


“I don’t know, it’s kind of interest-”


He was cut off by a hand jerking at his arm, pulling him up. And another smack on the head.


“Ow! Yama-chan~ I want to watch, I’m still not finished yet! They’re getting to the good part!”


Oddly, Yamada was the one who was blushing. “BAKA! Let’s go. NOW. Before Yabumama turns into Yabumonster again.”


That got Ryu’s attention. “I guess you’re right. I can watch another time. Let’s go!”


They walked outside, hand in hand. Voices still lingering in the air.






“I love you.”


“I love you too, Yama-chan. Oh, and about those pocky under your bed…”








Meanwhile, back in the room…


“Thanks Hika-chan! That was hot! Hey, where’d those two go?”




Comments and critics are loved! :D
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