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Fanfiction Index.

I know I haven't written a lot yet, but I figured I should do this now before my stories get too much and it will be harder.


A Beautiful Mess [Tomapi, KamePi, Akame, JunMa, PG-13]:
Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight | Chapter Nine | Chapter Ten | Finale I | Finale II

Memory Lane [Pin, Tomapi, PG-15]
Dangerous and Sweet I | Dangerous and Sweet II [Junpi, PG-13]
Reminiscence [Tomapi, PG]
The Only Exception I | The Only Exception II [Akame, PG-13]
Strawberry Pocky [YamaTaro, YabuHika, PG-13]
Merry Go Round I | Merry Go Round II | Merry Go Round III [Junpi, PG-13]
Black Keys [RyoShige, PG-13]
Pushing Daisies [Inoobu, PG-13]
Devotion and Desire [Hikato, NC-17]
Come Sunshine [Inoobu, PG]
What They Do [Inoobu, R]
Catch Me [Inoo centered, slight Okanoo, PG]
Enchanted [Takabu, PG-13]
Like a thousand stars, we'll shine [Yamajima, PG]
Wish [Inoo centered, slight InooDai, PG]
Kei-chan and the Case of the Magical Nekomimi [Inoobu, NC-17]

Do you want to know a secret? [TakaYama, PG]
Strawberry Field [Chiitaro, PG]
Never Again [Tomapi, PG-13]
Understandings [Tomapi, PG]
Like A Song [Okajima, Okanoo, PG]
T-shirts, silver rings, Hawaii and "Oh~baby." [Ryopi, PG-13]
Reign [MassuxGyoza, PG]
The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore [Inoobu, Takabu, G]
5 Inoobu Various [Inoobu, from G to NC-17]
Departure [KeitoxShoon, G]
There's A Light That Never Goes Out [HikaDai, G]
Comfort [Takabu, PG]
Inanimate Objects [Inoobu, G]
Because in the end, you're the one that I cherish the most [KeikoPi, PG]
Love letters from the bar table [KeikoPi, PG]
M&Ms Love Messages [OhgoJima, PG]
Say it like you mean it [YamaShi, PG]
Untouchable [ChinenxKawashima, PG]
Gentle but Strong [Okanoo, PG-13]
You Just Don't Know It [YabuHika, PG-13]
Throw me pebbles, I'll open my window [Yamajima, YamaShi, G]
Because everytime you smile, my day gets a little better [Okayama, G]
Princes & Princesses [Okanoo, G]
We'll get through this [Ryoda, Maruda, PG]
Maybe it's not so awkward after all [Takato, G]
Sweet and Tender Hooligan [YamadaxEveryone, G]

These drabbles are continuous, but can be read alone.
Stop! [Chiitaro, PG]
Let's Cook! [TakaYama, PG-13]
The Car is Calling Us! [Okajima, PG]
Take Care of Me Properly You Useless Thing! [HikaDai, PG]
Your Biggest Fan [Inoobu, PG-13]

Rock That Body [TakaYama, NC-17]
Envy [Chiitaro, RyuShin, PG-13]
Notice [Akamepikoki, PG]

You're all that I've been wanting [Okanoo, G] written with ichiban_seiyaku
The Biography of a Pregnant Takaki [Takanoo, PG] written with hotfruits

Gestures [Thunder/Mir, G]

Updated as of: 04 June 2010

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