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Request #3: [One-shot] Notice

Title: Notice
Pairing: Akamepikoki
Beta: daisy_took
Genre: Crack, fluff
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Nope.
Summary: Jin and Koki are fighting for Kame’s attention but Pi totally knocked them out with the least effort.
A/N: Requested by lanheart. I hope its good enough!

The sound of two people bickering was heard yet again as Kame entered the KAT-TUN dressing room. It was only eight in the morning and his head throbbed harder as the noise got louder.

“WHAT,” Kame shouted, “are you two fighting over this time?!”

The duo was about to scream at whomever got in the way of their argument, but seeing the fuming Kame, they immediately shut up, stuttering over words.

“Uh, um…” Jin began.

“We, uh, were just-” Koki looked around for ideas. He found a magazine lying on the floor and picked it up, flipping at a random page. “We were just fighting over this girl,” Koki pointed, “Jin thinks she’s hot but I think the opposite.”

Kame sighed and strode towards them, taking the magazine from Koki’s hand. “Koki, this is not a girl. It’s a bear. Rilakumma merchandise,” he waved the page in front of Koki, while the latter blushed, clearly embarrassed.

Jin snickered, receiving a hard smack on the head by Koki. “What? It was funny,” he pouted, rubbing the pained spot.

The youngest among the three simply shook his head, placing the magazine back in its place and put on his large earphones whilst getting ready for rehearsals.

Once the other two were sure Kame was out of earshot, they started to quarrel again, quieter this time.

“I’ll get him, I’m sure! We’ve been best friends since forever and he must have some feelings for the irresistible Akanishi,” Jin stated confidently.

Koki scoffed, “Oh please, you two grew distant right after you came back from L.A. and who was there with him the whole time you were gone? Me. So don’t get so cocky.”

“Psh, I’m sorry to say this, but he only thinks of you as his brother.” Jin patted Koki’s shoulder in a sarcastically sympathetic way.

The latter slapped the hand away and stared intently into the other’s eyes. For the next five minutes, the staring contest continued until both couldn’t stand it anymore.

“I’ll be sure to win and get his attention!” Koki pumped a fist in the air.

“No, I will,” Jin argued.

They glared at each other again and left the room, annoyance dominating their systems.

Kame just stood up and shrugged after watching his two friend’s weird exchange with each other.


“Kame-chan~” Jin called out sweetly, “can you help me out? I haven’t done the hip roll in quite a while and I don’t think I remember how to do it swiftly.”

The man who was called cringed at the tone Jin was using. Nevertheless, he approached the older man and stood behind him, resting his hands on the others hips.

“Okay, that’s good. No Jin- you’re too stiff. Move slower; follow me,” Kame instructed as he began to rock his hips.

At the angle Koki was watching them from, it looked wrong. Oh so wrong. Their bodies were grinding against each other and he swore he saw Jin glance at him for a second, smirking. At this point, Koki was raging with anger and thought up a quick plan.


That night, Koki invited his friends to his house, making sure they had plenty of alcohol. They drank and drank until all of them were so drunk, even their vision was blurry.

“Hit me,” Koki slurred. He knew this was wrong but as long as it got Kame’s attention, he didn’t care.

Being too drunk to contemplate, his friends began to beat him up, missing a few times here and there but they succeeded in making Koki bleed and bruised. He fell asleep, in pain and gratitude.

The next morning when he entered the dressing room, only Kame and Jin were to be seen. Noticing the bruises on his face Kame quickly jumped up from the couch, rushing towards him with a worried expression.

“Koki? Are you okay? What happened to you? Who did this?” Kame threw question after question. He gently touched the purple bruise on the others cheek but pulled away when Koki winced in pain. “Does it really hurt?”

Koki nodded, wearing a saddened expression.

“Aw.” Kame started to kiss his cheek, his eyes, the corner of his mouth and all the injured parts. All the while, Jin watched with burning eyes as Koki sneered at him.


In the next two weeks, the two men continued to fight over Kame’s attention. One gave him a big bouquet of roses while the other gave chocolates. Teddy bears, candy, books, clothing, boots, cellphones, accessories, you name it. They gave him everything.

Kame was suspicious of his friend’s actions but he brushed it off. At least I get this stuff for free, he thought and smirked to himself.


“Where do you think he’s going?” Jin asked Koki.

“The more important question is who is he going with?”

They were hiding behind a plant, watching as Kame fiddled with his hair and tie, trying to look perfect.

“I haven’t seen him dressed up like that in months,” Jin whispered.

“Baka! That’s because you were too busy in L.A.,” Koki mocked.

“Must you bring that up every time?”


Jin rolled his eyes and continued to watch his friend who was glancing at his watch, waiting near the big fountain.

“What are you guys doing?”

Jin and Koki heard a voice behind them and turned around nervously, only to discover that it was just Yamapi.

“Pi?! We thought you were someone else,” Jin clutched onto his heart.

Yamashita laughed, “So what are you guys doing? Who are you spying on?” He tried to get a good look through the plant.

“It’s Kame. We’ve been fighting for his attention for the past two weeks but nothing seems to work,” Jin answered, pouting.

“Baka! You’re not supposed to tell anyone,” Koki smacked Jin’s head.

“Ow! Why do people keep doing that?”

“Because you’re such an idiot. Bakanishi. I bet your brain is made out of eggplant or something,” the younger one muttered under his breath.

“What?! You’re the idiot!”

“At least I didn’t leave my bandmates and go to L.A.!”

“That again! Stop bringing it up!”


The duo continued to bicker, ignoring Yamapi’s presence until he spoke: “I bet you guys 1000 yen that I can get Kame’s attention just like that,” he snapped his fingers.

They looked at him, then at each other, contemplating for a while. Sly grins form on their faces and glanced at Yamapi again.

“Deal,” they said in unison.

The pair watched as Yamapi strode towards Kame at the fountain. They expected a different reaction from Kame but their eyes widened at the sight taking placing in front of them. Yamapi slid his arms around the latter’s thin frame and planted a chaste kiss upon his lips, making Kame giggle.

“You know about them standing there, don’t you?” Yamapi whispered in Kame’s ear.

“Yeah, how can I not notice? They were so loud just now,” Kame laughed.

Jin and Koki continued to stare, mouths hanging open as the couple walked towards the exit. As they reached the door Yamapi turned around and smirked at them, shouting: “You guys owe me 1000 yen!”

“I-it was P-Pi?!”

“K-Kame and Pi are t-together?!”

They looked at each other in disbelief. Before they even knew it, they were already standing and walking towards…nowhere.

“I can’t believe this. All our hard work. All the money I spent on him!” Jin wailed.

“Money? I hurt myself because of him!” Koki complained.

Both sighed and plopped down on a bench that neither of them knew existed in the building.

“So, what now?” Koki asked, running a hand through his short hair.

“Wanna go drink and pick up random girls?” Jin suggested.

Koki rolled his eyes. Typical Jin, he thought but agreed to it anyway.

So that night the two friends got wasted but neither got girls, thinking that maybe, they just weren’t cut out for such a thing called love.

Comments and critics are loved! :D

Tags: je fanfiction, one shot

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  • One hundred and one.

    I want to rant, but I don't feel up to it. I know I've been posting these types of memes lately, but do them for me? I know, I know, it seems like…

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