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[Drabbles] Sweet and Tender Hooligan

Title: Sweet and Tender Hooligan
Pairing: Yamada x everyone
Genre: Friendship to romance
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Nope.
Summary: 10 short drabbles featuring Yamada and every JUMP member.
A/N: Stress release. Thanks hotfruits for helping me fix it :) HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, YAMA-CHAN! :D

Yamada – Star.

Yamada looks in the mirror and touches his reflection. The feeling of the cool glass against his skin makes him realize that this is not a dream, but a complete reality.

He smiles and his reflection smiles back. He is aware that he has grown up, become mature and also, is a rising star.

YamadaxYabu – Admire.

Yamada watches as Yabu, the unofficial leader and mother of the group, travels back and forth from the crying Chinen to the fuming Ryutaro, trying to comfort them both.

When all is well, Yabu slumps on the couch but can still smile that bright grin of his. Noticing Yamada staring at him, Yabu gets up and approaches the younger boy.

“What’s up, Yama-chan?”

“Nothing. I was just wondering…don’t you ever get tired?”

Yabu chuckled lightly, “I do, but it’s my job, isn’t it? No matter how exhausted I get, I’ll always put my friends first.”

Yamada nods in awe as he thought: Someday, I’ll be like Yabu-kun.

YamadaxTakaki – Child.

Despite his legal age, Takaki still acted like a little child. He always bounces around, trips and falls flat on his face. Sometimes, he would even run crying to Yabu because Daiki bullied him.

Yamada doesn’t mind though; he has gotten used to it and has come to love this side of Takaki.

As the older boy then approaches him with droopy eyes and a huge teddy bear in hand, Yamada chucks away the magazine he was reading and smiles as the brunette's head lays in his lap.

YamadaxInoo – Pretty.

Sometimes, Yamada catches himself gaping at Inoo. It wasn’t his fault that the boy was so pretty.

As Inoo walks into the room, Yamada realizes that it’s not only him; nine pair of eyes follows the university boy’s movements, also bewitched under his powerful spell.

YamadaxHikaru – Laugh.

Yamada sits on the foot of the stairwell, hugging his knees tight to his chest, exhausted after crying a bucket. He shivers as he suddenly feels someone’s breath tickle his ear and when he listens to what the person has to say, he laughs, feeling a whole weight off his chest.

That person smiles to him and walks away while Yamada watches his back fade into the distance.

Hikaru, you are my sunshine.

YamadaxDaiki – Share.

Yamada and Daiki glared at each other, growling. It was their turn to be in charge of the snacks but neither of them agreed on their choices. One wanted strawberries whilst the other wanted pocky. They ground their foreheads against each other, creating friction, only to pull away seconds later because it was too painful.

“We need to think of something,” Daiki stated, “Or all of us will die of hunger.”

“Baka! Is food all you ever think about? We won’t die without snacks!”

“So you don’t mind if it’s pocky then?”

“I do mind! I want strawberries!”




They continued to fight until something clicked in both their minds and they shouted in unison, “Strawberry pocky!”

The duo smiled and jumped up and down, throwing their arms around each other, finally sharing the same thoughts.

In another room…

“Where are those two? It’s been two hours since they left,” Takaki whined.

“I bet they argued again. Next time, we should remember, never let Yama-chan and Dai-chan buy food together again. Agreed?” Keito asked.


YamadaxKeito – Clouds.

The couple laid on the wet grass from the previous night’s shower and looked up at the clear blue sky. They pointed at the clouds, stating out loud the shapes they would form, laughing when one of them said something ridiculous.

“Oh, look! It’s a heart!” Yamada spotted.

“Mhmm,” Keito mumbled, smiling.

“Hey, Keito, would you keep that heart if you could?”


“Why?” Yamada asked, curious.

Keito turned to his side, looking at Yamada intently, “Because I’ve already got yours, and that’s all I'll ever need.”

YamadaxYuto – Past.

Yamada wonders how their relationship drifted off. Yes, he got busier and made other friends; Yuto also started to spend more time with Keito.

He isn’t sure whether it was his fault they became like this, or whether it was both of their faults.

But one thing he was sure of was that he just wanted his best friend back.

YamadaxChinen – Hate.

There are a number of things Yamada hates about Chinen.

He hates it when the younger boy sits on others laps like he’s a dog, he hates it when Chinen fanboys way too much over Ohno, he hates it when he uses those puppy eyes to get what he wants, he hates the fact that the boy was just so spoiled.

And the number one reason why he despised Chinen so much was because the short boy had managed to capture his heart and made him fall head over heels for him.

YamadaxRyutaro – Lecture.

Ryutaro is the complete opposite of Takaki. He’s only fifteen but has the heart and mind of an adult. Sometimes, he even surpasses Yabu.

So when Yamada walks into the dressing room, and sees the other members gathered around him, listening to another one of his lectures, Yamada isn’t surprised and smiles, joining the circle.

Comments and critics are loved! :D

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