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Stop, look & listen.

You are the one, the lost and the forgotten.

( Love. )
( Begins. )
( Here. )
"I am Eri and I am sixteen. Eri is not my real name of course, but I'd rather keep it that way. I am Malaysian but I live far away from there. I am a dreamer and I am a writer." "I do love many things and am active in quite a few fandoms.
Japanese; Hey! Say! JUMP!, NEWS, KAT-TUN, Ya-ya-yah, Ikuta Toma, Miura Haruma, Sato Takeru and many more.
Korean; MBLAQ, Super Juniour, Lee Min Ho.
My ichibans tend to change from time to time ♥
I hate as much as I love and I tend to release this anger by ranting on my journal.
I don't like it when people randomly add me but I do love new friends so please drop a comment here."
"I co-mod hikanoobu, okanoo and bloodycouple and my fic comm is colouringwords. Do drop by sometime and maybe join? :)"

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